Sunday, October 4, 2009

you can now find me on....

Well, I have been a HUGE slacker on blogging lately. Between getting married, going to Hawaii, starting school, looking for a house, grading papers, buying a house, grocery shopping, going out of town....I could go on and has been just a little busy. And I haven't really made blogging a priority. But I finally made it around to creating a new blog for Ryan and me..seeing as it is not "just Megan" anymore. So, those of you who are interested in keeping up with Ryan and me, you can find us at

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

better late than never....

Ok, so here is a "better-late-then-never" post. Considering I am not even working right now it is a wonder that there still seems to not be enough hours in the day to do everything I need/want to going to the gym, reading, blogging!!

There is so much I could say that has happened over the past two months but long story short...

Ryan and I are engaged! He “popped the question” on June 3, his birthday, exactly one year to the day of our first date. We went to PF Changs (same place we went to on our first date!) At the end of the meal the waiter brought out our fortune cookies and inside the fortune cookie was “Will you marry me?”. He did good!!! It was his birthday, so I picked him up and was planning on taking HIM out. I was not expceting anything. :)

the ring

before he proposed

after he proposed

Wedding planning has been fun, but stressful! We are getting married August 8 in the Las Vegas Temple and are going to HAWAII on our honeymoon. With less then three weeks to go my stress level is quickly rising. We still have a long list of things to do...

Friday, May 22, 2009

"No more pencils, no more books...

The countdown is on! T-minus 10 days and counting (8 days with kids). Why am I a teacher??
Oh yeah....June, July and August!!

a couple of things...

aMaZiNg preformers -hands down the best concert I have ever been to.
Love these guys even more now!

Pink Taco before the show....delish!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Weekend...

Sunday Dinner...
Making dirt angels...

Ryan and and I got tattoos at the county close to real as I may get :)

Funny faces...

Dying Easter eggs...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Even Though...

even though my kids never stop talking...
even though the piles of papers to grade never seem to end...
even though I sometimes feel as though I live in my classroom....
and even though this job makes me want to pull my hair out at times....
there are perks to being a school teacher...

~sPrInG bReAk~
One glorious week of no work, no kids, no early morning alarm!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Belingheri Sunday Dinner

I love Sunday dinners with my family. It can be a little chaotic with so many people but it is definitely entertaining. Here are a few pics from tonight's dinner.
Tori Girl

Ty, Natalie, Tessa

Mom and Stacey
Crazy Kiddos -Kam and his dad made this picnic table for the kids. It has all of their names engraved on it.

Tessa and Natalie

Stacey and me

Joe and Ty
Kaden Boy

Trace and me

Stacey and Holly
Holly and Natalie -mani time!!

Grandma and Tessa

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Winter to spring is my favorite season change. I love leaving the house in the morning and not be frozen on my drive to work. I love seeing all the trees get green and flowers bloom. I love being able to leave the house in shorts and flip-flops. As you can tell I am not a fan of winter –it is probably a good thing I live in Las Vegas because I will DEFINITELY take a hot summer over a cold, snowy winter. So, in honor of the coming of spring I have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why I love spring.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Spring
10. Trees get their leaves back
9. No more bundling up to go outside
8. Tank tops
7. Flip-flops
6. Shorts
5. Running outside
4. American Idol
3. Sun roof weather
2. It stays lighter later
1. Time to get tan

Ryan and I went out to Red Rock a couple of weeks ago to hike around. It is amazing how this place is only minutes from the city. The weather was great. Here are a few pics from the day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kids Write the Dardest Things

Grading papers is one of my least favorite things about my job. It seems as though the pile never ends. But every once in while I get a student who makes grading papers totally worth it. Here are a few mistakes students have made in the last couple of weeks that made me laugh out loud.

We read an article about Abraham Lincoln since this is the 200th anniversary of his birthday. While answering an open ended question about what Abraham Lincoln is remembered for one student wrote this:
"He is remembered for ending slavery and because he is 200 years old."
Do you think is a chance this kid thinks Abraham Lincoln is still alive and kicking?!

We made a movie poster for a novel we read called Loser. On the poster the students wrote a review of the book. When writing the words self esteem and student wrote
"self of steam"

This last one didn't come from my classroom. I went to a conference on Saturday and it was shared there. A first grade teacher gave her class a worksheet. There was one student in the class who was quite upset for getting yet another worksheet. So, the student decides to write a note to the teacher and leave it on her desk. This is what the note said:
i dont lik workshits
Keep in mind, when kids first learn to write their spelling is very inventive. You have to give the kids props for being phonetically correct!!

Maybe it is just a teacher thing, but I thought these incidents were hilarious and it is running into moments like these that make my job so enjoyable.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cut the Cord

Yep, it’s time….time to cut the cord and move out of my parent’s house. I thoroughly enjoy the free rent, free food, but there comes a time when a girl needs to break herself from her parents and learn to survive on her own. The more I think about the more excited I get about the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my parents and have a great relationship with them, but the time has come to leave. Now the hard part… finding somewhere to live and someone(s) to live with.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Megan's Weekly Line-up

I am really not a big TV watcher -I don’t just sit in front of the “tube” and surf through channels because I have nothing to do, because honestly if I had time to do that I would fill it with much more meaningful activities. (I am not trying to bash on tube surfers, it’s just not my thing.) Anyway, I have a few shows that I make sure I watch every week. I have blogged about some of them in past blogs, like my confession to being addicted to American Idol and mind numbing reality shows. This season I have picked up a new show…24. So, this means by mid-February I will have a show to watch every night Sunday through Thursday.

Here is the line-up...

Sunday: Desperate Housewives–I have been watching Housewives since the first season. I love it and am totally addicted!!

Monday: 24 –This is my first season with 24 and already I am hooked.

Tuesday: American Idol –Idol doesn’t officially start for another few weeks. As big of a fan as I am the whole try out part really doesn’t do it for me. I like it when they actually start performing and I can vote.
Yes….I vote!!
Wednesday: American Idol…This is the issue with Idol, it is on TWO nights a week. That is a pretty big commitment and very time consuming.

Thursday: The Office –Hands down one of the funniest show on TV. I LOVE The Office. Ryan and I have been watching it with Andy and Holly this past season so Thursday’s have kind of turned into our “hang-out, watch Office and eat ice cream” night, which makes Thursdays even better.

Only because I am a teacher….
“TV. If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. Open your child's imagination. Open a book.” ~Author Unknown

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Not Me" Mondays

...because I have a hard time thinking up exciting topics to blog about.
...because I like to steal other's blogging ideas.
...because I am NOT perfect!

(Stacey, thanks for letting me steal your idea!)
So, here it first "Not Me!" Monday list...

"Not Me" Mondays

~~tHiNgS i mOsT cErTAiNly DID NOT dO tHiS wEeK~~

I DID NOT stay up till almost midnight on a school night and then get up at 5:00 am, resulting in only 5 hours of sleep. That would mean I would be way too tired to teach and NOT be in my top teaching performance.

I DID NOT skip a shower the day after my late night because I was too tired to get up in time. That is gross and would mean I DID NOT care about my appearance. I do care what I look like.

I DID NOT forget to edit out the swear word in the song I played to my 6th graders which subjected them to profanity. I am a professional and care very deeply about the impression I leave on my students. I am NOT a bad teacher.

I DID NOT come into work late this week four out of the five days. I take pride in being prepared and am NOT a “wing-it” teacher.