Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Megan's Weekly Line-up

I am really not a big TV watcher -I don’t just sit in front of the “tube” and surf through channels because I have nothing to do, because honestly if I had time to do that I would fill it with much more meaningful activities. (I am not trying to bash on tube surfers, it’s just not my thing.) Anyway, I have a few shows that I make sure I watch every week. I have blogged about some of them in past blogs, like my confession to being addicted to American Idol and mind numbing reality shows. This season I have picked up a new show…24. So, this means by mid-February I will have a show to watch every night Sunday through Thursday.

Here is the line-up...

Sunday: Desperate Housewives–I have been watching Housewives since the first season. I love it and am totally addicted!!

Monday: 24 –This is my first season with 24 and already I am hooked.

Tuesday: American Idol –Idol doesn’t officially start for another few weeks. As big of a fan as I am the whole try out part really doesn’t do it for me. I like it when they actually start performing and I can vote.
Yes….I vote!!
Wednesday: American Idol…This is the issue with Idol, it is on TWO nights a week. That is a pretty big commitment and very time consuming.

Thursday: The Office –Hands down one of the funniest show on TV. I LOVE The Office. Ryan and I have been watching it with Andy and Holly this past season so Thursday’s have kind of turned into our “hang-out, watch Office and eat ice cream” night, which makes Thursdays even better.

Only because I am a teacher….
“TV. If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. Open your child's imagination. Open a book.” ~Author Unknown

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Not Me" Mondays

...because I have a hard time thinking up exciting topics to blog about.
...because I like to steal other's blogging ideas.
...because I am NOT perfect!

(Stacey, thanks for letting me steal your idea!)
So, here it is....my first "Not Me!" Monday list...

"Not Me" Mondays

~~tHiNgS i mOsT cErTAiNly DID NOT dO tHiS wEeK~~

I DID NOT stay up till almost midnight on a school night and then get up at 5:00 am, resulting in only 5 hours of sleep. That would mean I would be way too tired to teach and NOT be in my top teaching performance.

I DID NOT skip a shower the day after my late night because I was too tired to get up in time. That is gross and would mean I DID NOT care about my appearance. I do care what I look like.

I DID NOT forget to edit out the swear word in the song I played to my 6th graders which subjected them to profanity. I am a professional and care very deeply about the impression I leave on my students. I am NOT a bad teacher.

I DID NOT come into work late this week four out of the five days. I take pride in being prepared and am NOT a “wing-it” teacher.