Sunday, March 29, 2009

Belingheri Sunday Dinner

I love Sunday dinners with my family. It can be a little chaotic with so many people but it is definitely entertaining. Here are a few pics from tonight's dinner.
Tori Girl

Ty, Natalie, Tessa

Mom and Stacey
Crazy Kiddos -Kam and his dad made this picnic table for the kids. It has all of their names engraved on it.

Tessa and Natalie

Stacey and me

Joe and Ty
Kaden Boy

Trace and me

Stacey and Holly
Holly and Natalie -mani time!!

Grandma and Tessa


Jen said...

Cute! Your family has such a family resemblance.

Don't you love living close enough to see each other so often? It's the best.

Monica McCoy said...

I love seeing your backyard! The inside of the house looks so different now. What good times!